Eyedress Gives an Inside Look at His Musical Journey and Life After 'Mulholland Drive'

Driven by a lifelong passion for music, Eyedress has worked a jam-packed schedule while preparing for his fourth studio album. Like the fast-paced guitar rhythms on Mulholland Drive, which dropped in August, Eyedress doesn’t want to slow down. From creating visuals for songs to tapping in with other LA-based musicians, he’s motivated to keep his creative momentum flowing.

Meeting up with HYPEBEAST Diaries, Eyedress warms up on his skateboard, which is where the roots of his music career can be found. “All my favorite skaters were these fools who wore tight pants and liked punk rock. That’s why I’m so into bands,” says Eyedress. Through years of skating and watching skate videos in the Philippines and America, Eyedress eventually developed the sound he wants to share with the rest of the world.

Showing instruments at his home studio, Eyedress describes a newly found appreciation for hip-hop, which has inspired him to add beat production and sampling to his repertoire of musical skills. Every morning, Eyedress enters his studio and picks a drum sound to use as a base, then plays with his keyboards while “[trying] to find something that sounds soothing.” He’s most at ease when surrounded by his equipment, and making music comes so naturally to Eyedress that it sounds like he’s describing his morning routine.

Eyedress says Mulholland Drive was mostly self-produced, but features collaborations with King Krule, DāM-FunK, Triathalon and other artists. He has friends across all musical genres, and recently produced some songs for rappers, which fans of his indie-rock anthem “Jealous” might not expect. Eyedress says, “Anytime I collaborate with anyone, they bring out something you wouldn’t have brought out if they weren’t around, so I like that magic.”

Walking through his home, Eyedress introduces Boaty and Elvia, who both frequently star in his music videos. His fans love the presence that he infuses into his music, they’re able to see the evolution as he learns more things. But, behind all the music, Eyedress describes how important his son is to him, “I can’t let him down. I just want to inspire him because, at the end of the day, that’s what my dad did for me.”

“This is all I wanted, all my life,” explains Eyedress. “It’s for the music, you know?”

Mulholland Drive is now available on most music streaming platforms. Fans can also catch Eyedress perform on December 19 at Viva Pomona.

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