Emily in Paris: I Can't Be the Only One Who Has Mindy and Benoît's Song on Repeat

Help: it’s not even noon and I’ve already busted into song belting out the lyrics to “Mon Soleil” at least three times. Since season two of Emily in Paris hit Netflix on Dec. 22, Mindy and Benoît’s song has truly lived in my head rent free. It’s undoubtedly one of the most moving scenes of the series thus far, when Mindy (Ashley Park) and Benoît (Kevin Dias) perform their original song “Mon Soleil” at a Chinese supper club in the finale, highlighting their chemistry, their group’s incredible talent, and Mindy’s reluctant return to the spotlight as a pop star.

While the soundtrack for season two includes covers performed by Mindy, Benoît, and Étienne (Jin Xuan Mao), “Mon Soleil” is their only original song, and it was created specifically for Park and her onscreen love interest. In an interview with Vogue, Park opened up about how the idea to include an original song came to life during a conversation she had with series creator Darren Star. Although Park doesn’t write music, she tapped friend Freddy Wexler (known for writing songs like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s “Stuck With U”) for some help.

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