DC Shoes Debuts 'Star Wars' Snowboarding Collection

With ski resorts beginning to open in a month, DC Shoes has revealed its all-new Snowboarding collection in collaboration with Star Wars. The all-rounded collection centers around two of the universe’s most formidable characters — Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Items in both capsules feature all the essentials needed for a trip to the slopes including insulated snowboard jackets, snow bib pants, BOA Snowboard Boots, beanies, snow mittens, versatile Snowstar hoodies, and special-edition snowboards.

The Boba Fett collection arrives in a collage print of the bounty hunter’s notorious Mandalorian armor with jackets mimicking his Cadet Jacket, elastic Hoodaclavas designed to fit under the helmet, and snowboards found in a camber profile with a graphic of Boba Fett in the desert on the backside.

The Darth Vader capsule echoes the villain’s appearance, arriving mostly in black hues with yellow Star Wars logo accents. DC Shoes’ popular weatherproof Docile Snow Bib Pants feature Star Wars text in English and Japanese printed on the yellow shoulder straps with small snowflake-like details of spacecraft, AT Walkers, and other motifs spread across the star-speckled silhouette. Other pieces in the series arrive in a similar design with the boots featuring additional “IV, V, VI” text across the toe referring to the episode numbers. Rounding out the collection is the Dark Side Ply Snowboard celebrating fan-favorite characters from the Dark Side.

The Star Wars x DC Shoes collection is now available online with the special-edition boards coming soon.

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