Daniel W. Fletcher SS22 Modernizes 1950s Menswear

For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, Daniel W. Fletcher modernizes 1950s dress notes. Inspired by post-war menswear fashion, Fletcher’s approach to the new collection started from a conversation with this Scottish grandmother.

The collection blends military, casual and tailored styles as illustrated by double-breasted blazers and forage caps that pay homage to the British military. Continuing this aesthetic are tailored shorts paired with sailor-collar jackets in wool, pocket shirts, gingham twin sets and updated ribbed knitwear. A focal design tactic in evolving the military and workwear silhouettes is the usage of an array of fabrics like cotton, silk and wool that come to life in eye-catching geometric patterns.

The collection largely features a blue-tone color palette with shades of sky blue, navy, cerulean and more. However, the cool tones are cut with injections of coral red, beige, pink and black. A collection highlight is the blouson jacket that features a sporty waist-length construction in multicolored linen. As an homage to memories with his grandmother, Fletcher’s collection incorporates hand-painted denim and tartan fabrics.

Check out the collection above, which releases Tuesday, February 1 on the brand’s website.

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