Costa Rica man is pictured KISSING crocodiles for a boat load of tourists

A man kisses a crocodile for a boat trip of tourists in Costa Rica.

Juan Cerdas said it is one of his “hobbies” to feed and kiss the creatures for tourists on the ‘crocodile river tour’ that sails the Tarcoles River.

The river, in the province of Puntarenas, has one of the highest crocodile populations in the world.

Many of them are American crocodiles, who are typically found in Florida and are one of the only species that can walk on four legs.

They can grow up to 17 feet long and weigh hundreds of pounds.

But Juan said they are “not as aggressive as they would have us believe”.

The river has become a huge tourist attraction in recent years.

Tourists flock there to visit a bridge over the Tárcoles River which has become known as “puente de cocodrilo,” or “crocodile bridge.”

Underneath it crocodiles sunbathe in the afternoon sun.

Meanwhile the Mirror recently reported on horrific scenes of animal cruelty as hundreds of  crocodiles  have been beaten to  death  by a mob of angry villagers after a local was apparently eaten by one of the reptiles.

The crocodiles were living in a lake in a property owned by businessman Sorong Regency in West Papau, Indonesia, and were blamed for the death of a villager on Friday.

The angry locals stormed his property to take their cruel revenge on the  animals  on Saturday.

A video shows the bloodthirsty mob dragging two-metre long crocodiles from the water before beating them to death with picks and other tools.

1. Stay away from water with crocodiles or alligators in.             

Ask local residents about where crocodiles or alligators live in lakes and rivers, and don't go swimming outside of designated areas.

Do not go in murky water, or swim at dusk or at night, when the animals hunt and are harder to see.

2.   Be aware of your surroundings.

If you're going to be in or around water where they live, you must remain on your guard.

Alligators and crocodiles can hide themselves very well in water, often keeping only their eyes and nostrils above water or submerging entirely.

Do not dangle arms or legs off a boat into the water, don't walk too close to rivers or lakes, and avoid thick vegetation that provides these animals with good cover.

3.   Stay at least fifteen feet away from alligators or crocodiles.

Once you've spotted them, give crocodilians a wide berth. 

Fifteen feet is usually ample on land, but during mating season, or when near babies, it's a good idea to stay even farther away.

Crocodilians are surprisingly fast – especially in water – so stay as far away as possible.

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