Cordae Announces Title of Upcoming Album

Cordae is prepping to release his The Lost Boy followup, which he officially announced is entitled From a Birds Eye View.

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, he simply wrote ”My next body of work is titled From a Birds Eye View.” He also retweeted a fan who pointed out that the cover art of his two previous singles, “Gifted” with Roddy Ricch and “The Parables,” were shot from above. Cordae didn’t reveal the release date of the album or any other specifics, leaving his listeners with even more questions.

For those who missed it, From a Birds Eye View is the last phrase Cordae says on “Thorton Street” — the final song on his recent EP Just Until…. “Truth be told, I’m more of a perfectionist than anything. But next body of work coming soon. From a Birds Eye View,” he capped it off. The four-track EP featured high-profile collaborations with A Tribe Called Quest staple Q-Tip on “More Life” and Young Thug on “Wassup,” but the addition of these tracks on the next album is yet to be confirmed.

Stay tuned for a release date.

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