Cleveland Golf's RTX Full-Face Wedge with Zipcore Is Designed for Ultimate Control

Cleveland Golf is based out of Huntington Beach, CA, and includes PGA Tour professional players on its team such as Keegan Bradley and 2021 Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama. Founded in 1979, the manufacturer specializes in short game technologies and solutions.

The Cleveland Golf RTX Full-Face produces full-face grooves on the top line RTX model. This state-of-the-art wedge brings the utmost short game versatility for challenging short game shots. The base of RTX Full-Face is an uncommon, low-density core that sits at the heart of the wedge. Its proprietary technology, ZipCore, assists by modifying the center of gravity, while also increasing high-low MOI for more stability high and low on the wedge face. The construction features a new heat treatment operation to help durability and protects the lifespan of the grooves, retaining spin performance round after round. With that, players have a more consistent spin, distance, and feel for every shot. Also, the RTX Full-Face hallmark UltiZip grooves cover every last millimeter of the club face for spin performance, while a High-Toe profile lets the club slide under the ball easily.

The RTX Full-Face wedge will be available on Cleveland Golf’s official website in the United States on June 11, 2021, priced at $160 USD in Tour Satin and $180 USD Tour Rack in a raw finish. Lofts available are Tour Satin 50°-60° and 64°, and for the Tour Rack: 56°-60° and 64°.

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