Chuck Woolery Gets Mocked For Bizarre Hitler Tweet On Memorial Day

Former game show host Chuck Woolery won scorn for a Memorial Day tweet about Adolf Hitler and critical race theory.

Woolery is the self-described “Hollywood conservative” who once wrote that “racism has nothing to do with race” and accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of lying about COVID-19 to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. (He later acknowledged the virus “is real” after his son got sick.)

So it was no surprise that Woolery, who once hooked up couples on the dating show “Love Connection,” got jilted for his latest right-wing missive. It’s a lot to unpack, and it has an annoying misspelling.

“Critical Race theory is based on Critical theory, given to the world by Marxists from the Frankfort School in Germany,” he wrote. “When Hitler cracked down on them they moved. Yes they moved to Columbia University in NYC and they remain there to this day.”

As the tweet trended, Woolery griped “it’s like every liberal Marxist comes out of the woodwork to take their shot.”

We don’t know about that, but people on Twitter did leave the former “Wheel of Fortune” host with some brutal parting gifts.




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