Celebrity plastic surgeon spills stars’ secret to non-invasive eternal youth

Under the glare of a thousand flashing cameras, the skin of celebrities twinkles and shines in all its age-defying beauty – but just how real are these flawless faces and what exactly has been pumped, prodded and poked beneath the surface to achieve a filtered finish? 

When movie stars and sparkling socialites are in need of a little smoothening out, there’s only one man they scramble for an appointment with. 

Professor Ali Ghanem has seen it all in his many years of working with the elite to fight against the rapid passing of time. 

As the UK’s only professor of aesthetics, he has studied the inner workings of the cosmetic surgery trade and has nailed it down to a fine art. 

He explained to Metro.co.uk why he felt the world of showbiz appeared to be opting out of invasive surgery as the likes of Charlotte Crosby and Molly-Mae Hague proudly drained their faces of their trademark filler – and how they’re snatching their visages with new technology instead.

‘There is a concern about giving the wrong message to people and there is more awareness of our appearance’s impact on our mental health,’ the health care professional began. 


Professor Ali continued: ‘I think some celebrities are taking a responsible position as influencers to try and inform the younger, more impressionable generation about accepting realities and not using filters.

‘For me, I am an aesthetic plastic surgeon but with every patient who comes to me, I’m working very hard to kind of like dissuade them from going into this kind of procedure and often I decline treatments for patients who come and I don’t feel that they are fully informed or they have a naive understanding of what they’re going to go into.

‘Some think of these interventions as if it’s a makeup or hairstyle or going to change their nails.

‘These celebrities are trying to do their job as influencers and not promote something that could be dangerous, but still want to have that flawless look on their face. They’re still trying to retain their youthful looks.’ 


So what are the doctor’s orders for preserving a fresh-faced aesthetic and wholesome image while ditching the needles? 

Essentially he advises clients to flex their facial muscles and, according to the likes of Rebel Wilson, Jessica Simpson and Alicia Silverstone, it works. 

‘So the EMFACE is like going to the gym for the face. It’s not injecting industry-grade silicone into the body which is totally unphysiological and unnatural. 

‘The new technology uses a non-invasive electrical-generated magnetic field that is highly selected to the muscles of the face that lift the face.

‘We are just enhancing the natural forces that are there in our body that help the body regenerate and naturally look better. We are using these to create improvement that is identity maintaining and enhancing of the features.

‘For people who are in the public eye, we have to respect their needs for ID-preserving interventions. 

‘With this tech, we can freshen and sharpen the features, reversing ageing without distortion or change in the human facial identity.’ 

The professor went on to reveal his most requested enhancements so far in 2023.

He admitted: ‘I would say that the areas around the eyes and the lower face and upper neck have been the majority of the new kind of trends in this field.’ 

Professor Ali finally offered his verdict on whether a world without plastic surgery would ever exist and if this apparent promise of a more natural celebrity was just a passing trend. 

‘I don’t envisage it unless we undergo a mutation that affects our perception of body image and self-esteem. 

‘I don’t anticipate that homo sapiens will ditch their appreciation of beauty or that they will consider not using tools to appear better.

‘Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to have this luscious, radiant skin so I don’t think that is very different from a patient in the 21st century coming to me and asking to be freshened up and I don’t see any harm in the offering.’

As the only plastic surgeon in Europe to be treating clients to a facial workout, Dr Ali is promising celebs they’ll see a difference in approximately 12 weeks with the revolutionary procedure that’s absolutely needle-free.

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