Calbee Releases Its Own Potato-Growing Kits

Japanese potato chip brand Calbee has unveiled its newest offering: potato-growing kits.

The famed brand is dropping two items for its potato-focused products, the first being Poroshiri, a bag that contains two seed potatoes also named after Calbee’s in-house potato variety. There’s also the Potato Bag, a 22-pound sack filled with coconut peat, palm mulch and fertilizer — all of which are 100% plant-based — so customers can plant their seed potatoes and begin growing their garden. The Potato Bag’s design is similar to that of Calbee’s potato chips, but also doubles as a pot complete with drainage holes.

Calbee’s potato-growing kits are available now at home and garden retailers in the Kyushu area of Japan and Protoleaf stores.

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