Byredo's Hedonistic Unisex Fragrance "Blanche" Is Given the Collector's Edition Treatment

“Blanche” has been a longstanding part of the Byredo family, and now the Ben Gorham-helmed fragrance and lifestyle brand is releasing a limited collector’s edition of “Blanche” for true fans.

Evoking the feeling of slept-in sheets while picking up on the scent and texture of skin, “Blanche” is all about the intimacy of sex and awakening. With top-notes of aldehyde and rose centifolia, the unisex fragrance relaxes into mid-notes of peony and violet, before musk and sandalwood balance the scent out at its base, acting as the core to this hedonistic smell.

Now, all of this is bottled in a new collector’s edition. As showcased by UFC heavyweight fighter Ilir Latifi and fitness model Rebecka Eklund, the bottle swaps out its white label for white text on the glass itself, and adds a new white cap in exchange for the signature black piece that adorns the top of Byredo’s bottles.

So far, all Byredo has said is that the limited-edition version is “coming soon.” So, to find out more, head over to Byredo’s website and fill in the form.

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