Burger King Japan Cheddarich Cheese-Filled Chicken Nuggets Launch

Adding to its unique limited menu offerings, Burger King Japan has now introduced “Cheddarich Chicken Nuggets.”

Perfect for cheese lovers, the golden fried morsels of juicy chicken are filled with melted cheddar cheese. The Cheddarich Chicken Nuggets are set to be available for a limited time only and serve as an inventive take on the common fast-food side. Most recently, Burger King Japan added Guilty Butter Burgers and Clown Chocolate Fries to its menu to redefine guilty pleasures.

Priced at ¥210 and ¥270 JPY (approximately $1.85 and $2.40 USD) with Honey Mustard or BBQ Sauce for an additional ¥30 JPY (approximately $0.25 USD), the Cheddarich Chicken Nuggets are available now in 5-Piece and 8-Piece options at Burger King Japan locations.

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