BLACKPINK Jennie's YouTube Channel Easily Breaks 3.68 Million Subscribers

According to reports, BLACKPINK Jennie‘s official YouTube channel, Jennierubyjane, gained the 2nd most subscribers in 24 hours in YouTube history. In just 24 hours, the K-pop superstar gained 1.75 million subscribers coming just slightly behind Brazilian artist Marília Mendonça’s YouTube channel, which received 1.8 million subscribers in 24 hours.

As of January 18, 10 p.m. EST, the Jennierubyjane YouTube channel has easily broken 3.68 million subscribers with 14,144,891 views and 2.1 million likes on Jennie’s very first and only video.

“Just a lil something for BLINKS,” the channel was started by Jennie to celebrate her 25th birthday at the end of last week. Uploading the “Hello world . From Jennie,” the artist offered a candid look at her home showing off her daily look and delivering a cover of Mandy Moore’s “When Will My Life Begin?”

Watch the introductory video for Jennie’s official YouTube channel above.

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