Black Thought Announces New Memoir 'The Upcycled Self'

The Roots co-founder Black Thought, real name Tariq Trotter, has officially announced the release date of his upcoming memoir The Upcycled Self.

Dropping November 14 via One World, the story will begin with the tragedy of a young Trotter burning down his family home. Aside from being a deep dive into the story of The Roots co-founder, the memoir “gives readers a courageous model of what it means to live an examined life. In vivid vignettes, he tells the dramatic stories of the four powerful relationships that shaped him — community, friends, art, and family — each a complex weave of love, discovery, trauma, and loss.”

The announcement adds, “Trotter explores the vital questions we all have to confront about our formative years: How can we see the story of our young lives clearly? How do we use that story to understand who we’ve become? How do we forgive the people who loved and hurt us? How do we rediscover and honor our first dreams? And finally, what do we take forward, what do we pass on, what do we leave behind?”

Black Thought’s The Upcycled Self drops November 14.

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