Bertrand Lavier Lights up the Walls of Kamel Mennour in His Latest Exhibition

Bertrand Lavier is often compared to Marcel Duchamp in the way both have incorporated readymade work within their artistic practice. This process involves taking normal items, such as any household object, and painting over them in a way that shows it in a new ‘artistic’ light and in effect, becoming a 3D painted image of itself.

The readymade is not the area of focus for Lavier’s new exhibition at Paris’ Kamel Mennour gallery, but rather ‘light and space.’ “New Tables 2005” explores the French artist’s fascination with space — neither exhibiting paintings or painted objects, but instead, surveying the gallery walls as one cinematic piece that is illuminated through a number of neon fixtures that reference Frank Stella‘s paintings of the 1960s.

Lavier reappropriates Stella’s geometric work in the same way as the electric guitar once amplified its acoustic predecessor. Peruse the gallery walls to find hypnotizing displays that were first created in 2005, but have since become reawakened in 2021 through this temporary showing.

“New Tables 2005” will be on view at Paris’ Kamel Mennour gallery until October 9.

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Kamel Mennour
5 Rue du Pont de Lodi
75006 Paris, France
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