BBC Creative Transforms London Tube Station Into 'The Green Planet'

To commemorate the launch of The Green Planet television series led by David Attenborough, BBC Creative gave the Green Park Station in London a temporary rebrand to create a truly immersive experience for commuters. The campaign entitled “Welcome to Their World,” not only transformed the look of the tube station but temporarily changed platform signages to read “Green Planet.”

Throughout the southbound Victoria line, the entire platform showcases wildly defined, vivid images of plants to give potential viewers a teaser of the new series which takes a deep dive into the beauty of mother nature. A few carnivorous sea organisms and humanoid desert cacti join the mix while two digital screens loop a trailer of the show for those awaiting the next train.

“We looked to our favourite science fiction films for inspiration with these designs.” said Johnny Ace, Design Director of BBC Creative, “Each poster focuses on a single plant species, and we’ve composed them like portraits of strange creatures from another world. Taking over a whole platform of Green Park station has been huge, and one of the most ambitious projects BBC Creative has ever undertaken.”

Attenborough fans can now tune into The Green Planet on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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