Artist Anouk Kruithof Compiled Thousands of YouTube Clips to Create a Dance-Themed Exhibition

Dance is a universal language that connects people, regardless of class or culture. Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof has been studying the phenomenon of dance throughout her career and has compiled a new exhibition of work that takes YouTube videos and clips, and together with her team of 50 contributors has compiled some 8,800 films.

Housed at Museum Tinguely in Basel, Universal Tongue presents a series of video-based installations, each of eight-channel choreographs that showcase a four-hour-long music compilation from publicly available footage. “The diverse modes of expression in this kaleidoscope of virtuosity, joie de vivre, and ritual enactment make it at once touching and fascinating,” said the museum in a statement.

Accompanying the exhibition is a publication that chronicles 1,000 global dance styles, from Abakuá-Dance in Cuba to Zydeco in the U.S. Universal Tongue is on view at Museum Tinguely until October 30.

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Museum Tinguely
Paul Sacher-Anlage 2,
4002 Basel, Switzerland
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