ARCHIVAL REINVENT Presents Its Autumn/Winter '21-22 "Photosynthesis" Collection

Technical, functional and avant-garde apparel has become a movement in the realm of streetwear, and one of up and coming brands that has proven its ability to understand and execute this type of design language has been ARCHIVAL REINVENT. To piggy back off of the release of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the brand has just announced its newest range of function-minded garments: the Autumn/Winter ‘21-22 “Photosynthesis” collection.

The forthcoming assemblage creates a healthy balance between Japanese-inspired streetwear sensibility and outdoor-inspired elements. The overall color palette leans into spectrum of earthy and neutral tones and many of the garments are fashioned with a monochromatic look. The outerwear features standout pieces such as the insulated down jackets that bear fold over collar flaps, blazer-inspired silhouettes that are equipped with oversized front pockets and the technical cargo vests. Other standout products in the range include that of the Teflon® Crossbag Jacket Teflon® Switchable Cover Shirt along with the stealthy pocket-heavy pants, oversized hiker style bucket hats and caps. A majority of the items are crafted using Teflon — an invisible and thermosensitive fabric that has the ability to shift colors when exposed to various temperatures.

Peep the full lookbook above.

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