Andrew Garfield Takes On a Haunting Murder Investigation in New True-Crime Series

Andrew Garfield has officially swapped his Spidey suit for a briefcase and a tie in the trailer for FX’s new true-crime series, “Under the Banner of Heaven.” Radiating the same dark energy as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Mike Flanagan’s “Midnight Mass,” with some traceable facts thrown in, the trailer keeps us on the edge of our seats as Garfield, a Mormon police detective, investigates the double homicide of a woman and her baby, which has left him and his entire community perplexed.

“The evidence points to things and beliefs that I have only ever heard whisperings about,” Garfield says in disbelief. “I wonder how something so horrific could have come to pass.” Keep reading to find out more about the eerie new show.

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