And the winner is…. The Academy Awards’ most memorable moments

It’s the movie event of the year, when stars from around the globe gather for the glittering ceremony, hopeful to win the industry’s biggest accolade.  

This Sunday marks the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony, but over the years, the Oscars’ focus has shifted from talent and performance to the private lives of the celebrities involved. Audiences are less interested in the awards themselves, than the potential for human fallibility behind them. Which stars will turn up drunk? Who will have a meltdown? Will anyone speak out of line?  

‘The Oscars has to compete with ten billion other celebrity-focused gossip machines that pump out news and images 24/7,’ explains actor and screenwriter Justin Trefgarne.

‘We know so much about these people now that a lot of the mystery has gone. Sidney Poitier said it best when he advised Denzel Washington to keep his private life out of the news. “If they can read about you for free, they won’t want to pay to see you in the theatres.”’ 

One of the ceremony’s most memorable events was when Native American Sacheen Littlefeather rejected Marlon Brando’s best actor Oscar for the Godfather in 1974. Justin adds: ‘It was such an awkward but important moment – a major star, known for being extremely critical of Hollywood, held a mirror up to the elite and caused a huge storm.

‘It was a Culture War 1.0 event and a rebel moment that still reverberates today.’ 

Here, looks back at the sublime, the ridiculous and the downright shocking Oscar moments that grabbed headlines in past years. 


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