An Autographed Tom Brady Patriots Rookie Card Sells for $556,000 USD at Auction

Tom Brady‘s autographed New England Patriots rookie card, also known as the 2000 Playoff Contenders Brady rookie card was listed and sold on PWCC Marketplace for $555,988 USD on Monday.

When this Brady card hit the market in 2012, it was only valued at $5,000 USD and fetched almost ten times the amount in February 2018. The rookie card has a PSA 10 GEM MINT condition rating, making this one of the newest Brady cards to ever hit the market.

The card did not possess any visual scuffs, scratches nor imperfections. This is especially surprising since this card is rarely found in its best condition. It appears that the current copy’s all four corners are “uniformly untouched with the fragile periphery being entirely clean…Furthermore, one of the most difficult aspects of this card, the autograph is seemingly pristine and brilliantly penned in black ink.”

PWCC describes this card as “the single most important modern football card ever produced,” evidently speaking to the steep price tag that comes with the value of the card.

Though it costs a small fortune, the price of the card is not expected to drop any time soon. Being that Brady is just one win away from his seventh Super Bowl ring, and widely known as one of the top quarterbacks of all time, the value of the card will only increase from here.

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