9 Things That Are The Best About Living With Your Friends, And 7 Things That Are The Worst

1.You get to have even more hang out time…

You’re never alone!

2.…But sometimes it means that you don’t get any peace and quiet.

You’re never alone.

3.Random nights out happen more organically…

No one:

Me: I’ve ordered the Uber.

4.…But if you’re the responsible one you can end up being the only one to clear up the mess from the night before.

Never be the responsible housemate.

5.Learning how to split up the household chores can be a chore within itself…

Especially if your friend appears to be allergic to taking out the bins.

6.…But once you get into the groove of it, it’ll be like a well-oiled machine.

Necessity: Marigolds for unblocking the shower plug.

Optional: cleaning playlist.

7.You never have to look presentable when you’re at home…

House rule: no bras allowed.

8.…But sometimes discovering a gross habit that your friend has can make you feel ~differently~ about them.

Well is it?

9.You always have someone to talk to when you come back after a date or a night out…

The morning after the night before is sometimes the best bit of going out.

10.…But sometimes you end up being a little bit too acquainted with your friend’s dating life.

No one wants to know how their bestie does it.

11.You can share wardrobes…

The jeans and nice top combos are limitless.

12.…But it can become annoying when they start helping themselves to your stuff a bit too much.

Finishing the last of the milk and not buying another bottle: sacrilege.

13.Living with friends can help you to grow up…

14.…But even when you’re all trying to be an adult you can run into roadblocks.

15.But even with all the bad, living with your friends can be the best thing ever…

16.…So the very worst bit is realising you might not live together forever.

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