4 Mother-Daughter Duos Show Off Extreme Bonds in ‘sMothered’ Supertease

Like mother, like daughter! Four mother-daughter duos including Dawn, 58, and Cher, 28, Sunhe, 50, and Angelica, 30, Kathy, 59, and Christina, 33, and Sandra, 44, and Mariah 20, show off their extreme bonds in the Us Weekly’s exclusive midseason supertease for sMothered.

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The various outrageous pairs can be seen doing everything and anything together —  from dressing in matching outfits, to getting plastic surgery together and even sleeping in the same bed. Throughout all this, they’re experiencing new relationships, pregnancies and other major life changes while trying to maintain their tighter-than-tight relationship.

What can you expect from the rest of the season? Dawn and Cher continue to look more like twins than mother than daughter while getting ready for the arrival Cher’s new baby.

Meanwhile, Sunhe encourages Angelica to break up with her boyfriend instead of taking things to the next level.

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Kathy and Cristina want to get matching breast augmentation surgeries and argue about a celebration they’re planning, in which Kathy doesn’t want Cristina’s husband or in-laws to be involved.

And Sandra and Mariah go on a double date with two men who don’t realize they’re related. 

While some of these scenarios may seem outrageous, each of their relationships are put to the test throughout their journeys.

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