19 Adult Jokes In "Doug," "Rugrats," And, "Hey Arnold," That Younger You Didn't Understand

1.The time there was a subtle oral sex moment on Doug.

2.The time it was implied that Roger needed to have the sex talk after not knowing his cat was pregnant.

3.The moment Doug said the phrase, “nut suckers” while playing a video game.

4.The time Doug said his love for Patty makes lava gush.

5.The gay handkerchief code reference Judy made.

6.The time Grandpa Lou rented a sci-fi adult film.

7.The gesture Stu made when explaining that Phil and Lil’s dad had gone “male bonding.”

8.The moment Grandpa Boris got so fed up with watching Stu’s home videos that he called the doctor famous for partaking in physician-assisted suicide.

9.The time Tommy appeared to be doing something graphic while looking for a screwdriver in his diaper.

10.The time Tommy noticed he and Lil had different body parts.

11.The time Lil went through her dad’s desk drawer and we quickly saw that a Playboy magazine was in there.

12.The Rugrats episode called “Cradle Attraction,” that was a parody of the movie Fatal Attraction.

13.The time Helga talked about how Arnold makes her “girlhood” feel.

14.The many references to Helga’s mom Miriam’s drinking problem. She’d slur her words, constantly made “smoothies,” fell asleep in random places, and did community service (presumably for a DUI).

15.The time Grandpa Phil implied to Arnold that he doesn’t have many brain cells because he did drugs back in the day.

16.The time Peter appeared to be eating Joy’s ass at Thanksgiving dinner.

17.The time Arnold blushed at the thought of a threesome.

18.The time there was a sketchy sign in the background.

19.And finally, the time Grandpa Phil almost told Arnold and Gerald about the time he hooked up with a French woman in a barn.

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