17 Buildings That Are Pretending To Be Something They're Not

1.This Pizza Hut turned its back on itself and became a Dominos:

2.This Cricket Wireless got a taste for chicken and became a restaurant:

3.This hockey arena suddenly became a grocery store:

4.This KFC dumped the grease and replaced it with a smoothie:

5.This Target took on a slighter bluer hue and became a Wal-Mart:

6.This former Arby’s now gives out car title loans:

7.This old bank now thinks its a Walgreens:

8.This Hollywood Video got a vape and decided to become a smoke shop instead:

9.This Blockbuster is possessed by the spirit of Dollar Tree:

10.This White Castle went from serving burgers to telling people not to eat ’em:

11.This gas station retired and became a nice two story family home:

12.This church wanted a six-pack so it brought in a full gym:

13.This theatre loves a bargain, so it became a 99 cents store:

14.This car wash got sick of washing cars and began serving frapps instead:

15.This Hot Topic replaced its band tees with video games:

16.This Walgreens got quite the shoe collection and became a Sketchers:

17.And finally, this former Days Inn said, “I’m gone now, but rest assured, you won’t forget about me”:

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