15 Times Lil Nas X Was Wildin' On Twitter

1.When he knew his impact:

2.When he admitted his scientific prowess and used it for good:

3.When he paid homage to the REAL kings of hip-hop:

4.When he truly was Relatable Content™️:

5.When his Snapple flex compelled his jacket to become sentient:

6.When he had a very “And I Oop” moment:

7.When he owned up to his mistakes like an honest king:

8.When he predicted the future:

9.When he kept it real:

10.When he hit a little too close to home:

11.When he confirmed that he is, indeed, baby:

12.When he shared the breast news:

13.When he revealed the truth behind “Old Town Road”:

14.When he accidentally left his pal Billy Ray Cyrus in the back:

15.And lastly, when he shared his exciting time abroad:

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