15 Incredibly Wholesome And Pure Things That Will Make Your Week 100% Better

1.This super cute interaction between a Harry Potter fan and Tom Felton (AKA Draco Malfoy).

2.This conversation between this father and child that will lift your spirits and brighten your day.

3.This Amazon review from a 70-year-old gentleman that is the purest thing you’ll read all week.

4.This extremely wholesome video someone captured of Irish fans singing lullabies to a baby on a train:

5.This video that delivers a delightful surprise at the end.

6.This boyfriend who has an A+ sense of humor.

7.This adorable cow who really enjoys making new friends.

8.The reaction this dog had to a butterfly landing on his face.

9.This cute video of a parrot playing peek-a-boo with a cat that will warm your heart and soul.

10.This entire video of a gentleman playing a ukulele and singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to his cat.

11.This selfie stick review that is just extremely pure.

12.This very good boy who knew exactly how to pose for the camera.

13.This boyfriend who absolutely does not mind lending a helping hand.

14.This incredibly pure letter someone mailed after buying a VHS player on eBay.

15.And finally, this very wholesome Tinder bio that will make you believe in true love.

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