14 Times Eric Forman Was The Most Relatable Character On TV

1.When he wasn’t in the mood to socialize.

2.When he needed to get his beauty sleep.

3.When he had the perfect comeback against Laurie.

4.When Donna told Eric she loved him and he had the most awkward response.

5.When he was the King of sarcasm.

6.And when he was truly living the post-grad life.

7.When he couldn’t wait to eat Kitty’s food.

8.When he couldn’t help but serve the most epic burn.

9.When he wasn’t afraid to tell Kitty and Red about his latest idea.

10.When he tried to teach Red about the world of Star Wars.

11.When he wasn’t the most athletic person in the world.

12.When he was a poetic genius.

13.When he wanted to avoid dinner with his family.

14.When he got way too drunk.

15.And when he bragged about his delicious breakfast in front of Red.

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