14 Good — Some Might Even Say GREAT — Things That Happened This Week

1.This lil’ bb cow was protected from frostbite in the cutest — and most stylish — way possible!!!

2.This grandpa built his grandson a crib!!!!!!!!

3.We hereby petitioned to rename “guinea pigs” “genuine pigs”:

4.This dad serenaded some cowwies with his sax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6.THEY SNUGGED!!!!!!!!!!

7.This security camera footage cleared my acne and soothed my heart palpitations:

8.MARY HAD A LITTLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.This mom visited her son at his job and ENCOURAGED ? HIS ? HUSTLING!!!!!!!!! ?

10.This dad ignored all of the rules and purchased what can ONLY improve any summer cookout:

11.Annie here was UNSTOPPABLE as she worked out to “Walking On Sunshine”!!!!!!!!!

12.This dad proved he still has the music in him!!!!!!!

13.This girl’s fifth grade turtle project resurfaced, and I’m—:

14.And lastly, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield proved — once again — that it really is THAT song:

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