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Does Redbull Affect Your Liver

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Does Redbull Affect Your Liver – After she started drinking 20 caffeinated and sugary drinks every day, Mary Allwood’s liver doubled its normal size.

A Red Bull addict who downed 20 cans a day damaged his liver so badly that doctors thought he was an alcoholic.

Does Redbull Affect Your Liver

Mary Allwood, 26, consumed the equivalent of 16 Mars bars of sugar and the caffeine of 17 cups of coffee a day.

Doctors: Energy Drink Over Consumption Caused Man’s Liver Damage

The mum-of-one hid cans around the house and searched for the best supermarket deals every day, spending more than £2,300 a year on drinks.

But she was forced to confront her addiction when she was hospitalized in pain, and an MRI scan revealed her liver was twice its normal size.

She went ‘cold turkey’ five months ago and tests last week showed her liver is now back to normal.

Brixham’s full-time mum, Devon, said: “I needed it and I didn’t care what it was doing to me at the time.

What Energy Drinks Do To Your Body

“If I didn’t get my fix I’d feel sad and cranky and that wasn’t an option – I’d make sure I got it.

“At first I thought it gave me a rush and energy, but in the end it didn’t give me any energy; I needed it.

“I wanted the flavor and the fizz. It was my heroin. I felt terrible if I didn’t have it.

“The idea that anyone can go into a store and buy it makes me very concerned. I think it should be treated like alcohol and cigarettes.”

What Red Bull Does To Your Body Will Shock You

Mary first tried caffeine when she was 22, in an attempt to give her more energy.

It worked at first, but within four months she was drinking 20 cans a day and swallowing at least two as soon as she woke up at 8am.

“If I didn’t have one in the fridge, I would walk to the store and get two,” she said.

Read more: Infographic explains how Red Bull gives you wings and what happens to your body in the next 24 hours.

Energy Drinks: They Don’t Last As Long As You’d Think

“I drank the first one in three sips, and then I tried to linger on the second one.

“I went to the supermarket and got ten multipacks at a time. I told the person at the checkout that I have a restaurant and that’s why I bought them.”

Her weight went from a size 16 to a size 24, and she drank nothing but Red Bull.

But in November 2015, he developed severe pain in his liver and was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

What Does Red Bull Do To Your Body And How Long Do The Effects Last?

An MRI scan showed her liver was twice as large as it should be, with two fibrous nodules – the size of a grapefruit and a satsuma.

Long-term consumption of excessive alcohol can cause inflammation of the liver and contribute to fibrosis, which can lead to cirrhosis.

But sugar-laden foods can also cause a build-up in the liver, causing it to become severely inflamed and leading to scarring and lumps.

“They said my liver looked like alcohol, and then I said I drink at least 12 Red Bulls a day.

Year Old Experiences Heart Failure After Drinking Four Energy Drinks A Day For Two Years: Case Study

It was the shock Mary needed, and she went on a meal replacement diet, swapping her Red Bull for six and a half liters of water a day.

For about a month she suffered from withdrawal symptoms – mood swings and tremors – but now she doesn’t want to drink.

“It was very difficult and sometimes I bought one, opened it, but I never drank it,” said single Mary, who has a daughter, Berivan, three years old.

“I tried a drop on my tongue and it tasted like pure sugar. I’ll never go back to the way I was now.

Energy Drinks Are Destroying Your Liver

“Now I think the rules should be changed and it should be treated like cigarettes, with plain packaging.”

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Devon Mother Who Drank 20 Cans Of Red Bull A Day Damaged Liver To Alcoholic Levels

Carly Kilpatrick, 14, died on Monday morning after falling ill at a home in Inverkeithing, Fife.

Ronald had been without medicine or a phone for over a week, and was missing only the clothes on his back.

Emergency services were called to West Maitland Street on the west side of the capital after the alarm was raised at around 5pm on Friday. We all have a can of Red Bull, and while some of us prefer to mix it with Jägermeister or vodka, there are also those who swear by its energy-boosting properties. The smell and sugar rush are immediately recognizable, but what about the other effects?

Personalise.co.uk created this infographic based on information from the NHS, FDA and National Center for Biotechnology Information.

What Happens If You Drink 1,000 Red Bulls In A Month?

Within 10 minutes, caffeine hits your system and your heart rate and blood pressure increase, causing a spike in alertness and concentration. Pretty common sense, but what about the dreaded comedown?

After 30 minutes, the caffeine is completely absorbed into your system. This means you’ll only reap the benefits for half an hour before your liver has to work extra hard to absorb the extra sugar.

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You may be surprised to know that it takes about six hours for your body to initially reduce the level of caffeine in your system (like when you drink a cup of coffee) and another six hours to completely eliminate all traces of it.

Buzzkill: Energy Drinks May Cause Acute Liver Failure

If you are a regular Red Bull drinker, problems like headaches, heartburn and constipation can be common.

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Energy drink addict Mary Allwood downed 20 cans of Red Bull every day and spent more than £2,300 a year.

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