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Cultural Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

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Cultural Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior – It is in a brand’s best interest to try to prevent legal involvement arising from inappropriate marketing campaigns. To avoid this complexity Brands need to consider the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior.

For example, Our endless packed noodles Your favorite packaged noodles will not be left unattended to attract your target market. One of the most important factors that a brand must consider while marketing a product is the culture of the target market that affects consumer behavior.

Cultural Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

The culture of an area plays an important role when companies Plan a marketing campaign for them. For example, your favorite instant noodles might have beef and pork options. But it is not advertised as much as vegetarian options in countries like India.

Organization Buying Behaviour: Overview, Factors And Impact

But one thing that can pique your curiosity might be the relationship between consumer behavior and culture. How does culture influence consumer behavior? Actually, what cultural factors influence consumer behavior?

Oxford dictionary Culture is defined as “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular person or society.”

Simply put, we can say that culture is what we learn from our parents, grandparents, and the society in which we live.

When adding the word ‘factor’ to culture We will have cultural factors. These can be defined as “The set of values ​​and ideals of a community or group of people.” Cultural conditions and cultural factors are closely related. But they cannot be used interchangeably.

Pdf) Factor Affecting Consumer Buying Behavior: A Conceptual Study

Cultural factors can be said to be culture. Although cultural factors can be studied in more depth for a culture, culture itself is a very important concept. If we choose one cultural factor We will be able to study that factor in many ways. culture and have been discovered in a variety of ways

Imagine a sociologist studying culture in a desert village in Rajasthan. They wanted to compare their findings with what another sociologist had discovered about tribal culture in the forests of Andhra Pradesh.

This sociologist cannot study cultures on their own without deciding on the essential parts with which to compare them. To compare the findings and interpret the differences between the two cultures. They must choose the cultural factors on which to base their research.

These cultural factors are what we need to study as marketers to understand the extent and influence of cultural factors on consumer behavior.

Factors Which Influence Consumer Behaviour

Your Favorite Packet is smart enough to understand the importance of learning about the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior. That’s how to avoid expensive litigation all the time!

Consumers and non-consumers have filed numerous lawsuits against companies and brands that abuse their marketing campaigns. These lawsuits are expensive not only in terms of how much companies spend on litigation. but also marketing campaigns.

Take, for example, the disgusting case against a Layer Shot perfume advertisement in which four men enter a room with a couple sitting on a bed. The four men continued to make two more requests. He apparently threatened the woman with gang rape. Clearly those people were talking about Shot perfume.

Although there are no reports at this time. But the whole incident will definitely cost the company a lot of money. In an era when rape culture was at its peak. Even the slightest act of forgiveness can cost a company its entire reputation.

Consumer Behavior And The Influence Of In Store Factors On Consumption Of Natural Beauty Care Products In The Estonian Market

To avoid these errors The best way to move forward is to carefully study the three cultural factors that influence customer buying behavior. Before giving a thumbs up to a marketing campaign or even a product

As defined earlier, culture is “the set of ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a particular person or society.” These traditional social ideas, customs, and attitudes are learned through observation and imitation. It is also taught directly by parents, grandparents and other elders in society.

There are certain buying behavior patterns that can be observed in consumers from specific cultures. These purchasing behaviors are passed on to children, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Culture varies greatly from region to region. It varies not only from country to country. But it also varies from state to state. In the same way Consumer attitudes in these cultures also vary from region to region.

The Impact Of Digital Technology On Changing Consumer Behaviours With Special Reference To The Home Furnishing Sector In Singapore

For example, your friend from Sikkim might like rattan noodles. And your friend from Delhi might like Korean ramen or Maggi. This is not only due to the existence of various brands.

Your friends from Sikkim are likely to get used to tasting and tasting because of the local food. The rice noodles are sweeter and more delicious than Maggi. which suits the tastes of friends very much Because they had to grow up eating the same type of food and noodles.

On the other hand, your Delhi friend might prefer Maggi because it tastes like North Indian food. It is more ‘masaledaar’ and is likely to match their preferences again due to the food they grew up eating.

Oxford dictionary Give the definition of a subculture. “A cultural group within a larger culture. who often have beliefs or interests that differ from those of the larger culture,” as Phillip said. Kotler said

Factors Impacting Consumer Buyer Behavior

A subculture is a group of people within a culture who share a common value system based on common life experiences and circumstances.

For example, in India, we have many religious subcultures. Including Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, etc., although there is some overlap in purchasing behavior due to similar cultural factors that affect consumer behavior. But there are many differences.

This is because each religion has different rules for adherents. Therefore, we can clearly see the separation of usage in some areas. Hindus are forbidden from eating beef because cows are sacred animals according to their religious texts. And Muslims are forbidden from eating pork because pigs are evil animals according to the Bible. They

In the same way Subcultures can be formed based on the user’s age, ethnicity, gender, marital status.

Major Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behavior (explained)

For example, your parents don’t eat instant noodles as often as you. A study conducted in Korea found that men consumed on average twice as many instant noodles as women per day.

Britannica defines social class as “A group of people in society who have the same economic and social status.” A social class is called a class. It is also an important cultural factor that affects consumer behavior. According to Kotler

Social class is a permanent and hierarchical division of society. where members have similar values, interests, and attitudes Measured by occupation, income, education, wealth, and other variables.

One direct difference between the purchasing behavior of different classes is that the elite tend to purchase luxury items that reflect their status. while the lower class They are more likely to purchase basic necessities to meet their needs.

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For example, upper class people tend to buy the most expensive Korean noodles. While lower class people tend to buy cheaper and more expensive Indian noodles.

In addition to cultural factors that affect consumer behavior, There is another important factor while studying consumer behavior. That factor is perception.

Members of a culture, subculture, or social class are perceived by other members. In a society of a certain nature, for example, Baniyas are considered poor and Punjabis are considered expensive.

These perceptions also structure consumer behavior. For example, to escape the miserable picture, your Baniya friend might volunteer to pay the bill at lunch. While your Punjabi friends can carry their bags tighter.

Consumer Markets And Consumer Buying Behavior

In this chapter, we’ll look at the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior. In summary, here are some important tips:

1. Cultural factors It can be said that there is a culture. Although cultural factors can be studied in more depth for a culture, culture itself is a very important concept. If we choose one cultural factor We will be able to study that factor in many ways. cultures and received a variety of discoveries. Chapter 2 Cross-Cultural Changes in Consumer Behavior Copyright © 2001 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2-1 Language Demographics Consumer characteristics Marketing Strategy Value Communication Non-verbal Copyright © 2001 By The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2-2 Norms specify the range of appropriate behavior. Usage format Cultural Values ​​Punishment Penalties for Violating Standards Copyright © 2001 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Consumer Behavior Process

2-3 Environmental Values ​​Other- Self-Consumption Purchase Communications Society Perspectives of the Association Human Relations with the Environment Objectives / Approaches in Social Life Searching for Copyright ចង់បន 2001 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2-4 Other Orientation Values ​​Individual/Collective Are individual actions and initiatives more valuable than collective action and compliance? Extended/Limited Family How much lifelong obligation does a person have to family members? Variety/Consistency Culture accepts changes in beliefs, religions, ethnic backgrounds. Political views, etc.? Male or female? How much social power automatically rests with men? Competition/Cooperative How can a person be successful?

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