Zendaya only has seven minutes of screen time in Dune & her fans are mad

So, I’m not going to watch Dune? It seems like boring sci-fi to me, although I do enjoy Timothee Chalamet and Oscar Isaac. I’m just skipping the movie entirely, but of course I’ve been covering a lot of the promotion. They promoted the film off of Timmy and Zendaya – they were the actors sent out to shill for the movie on magazine covers, at premieres and junkets, etc. It’s been The Zendaya & Timothee Show and their natural chemistry has been enchanting. They’re lovely together. So… as it turns out, Zendaya’s part in the movie is minuscule. She basically has a cameo, and someone tallied her screentime up and it only comes to SEVEN MINUTES?

I totally understand why Zendaya’s fans are mad and they should be! The only thing I’ll say in defense of the filmmakers is that from what I’ve heard, she’ll be the sequel a lot more if they do make a sequel? Which they probably will, since Dune is performing better than expected in its theatrical run. It made $40.1 million opening weekend and that’s with Warner Bros “unconventional” approach to put it on HBO Max as well. (update: they confirmed yesterday that Dune 2: Rise of the Dunes is happening.)

PS… I’m worried that this is what’s happening with Angelina Jolie and The Eternals too. My fear is that she basically just has an extended cameo and Gemma Chan is the for-real lead. I’m also worried that Jolie’s Thena character dies in the movie and that means no sequels. Booooo.

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