Zendaya Finally Responds To Lindsay Lohan’s Met Gala Dress Diss & Her Clap Back Is Everything

Zendaya is finally addressing Lindsay Lohan’s criticism of her Met Gala Cinderella-style dress with an eloquent but very shady comment!

Zendaya, 22, has brushed off the negative comments that Lindsay Lohan, 32, made about her Met Gala dress. The Spider-Man: Far From Home star responded to The Parent Trap actress’ criticism of the Cinderella-inspired gown that she wore to the May 6 event in a June 22 interview with Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. Zendaya insisted that she “didn’t feel hurt” by Lindsay’s comments after the redhead insisted that Claire Danes rocked the look “beautifully” and no one else could perfect it.

“I didn’t feel hurt by it and it didn’t make me sad because I have no idea what that person is going through,” Zendaya said. “Maybe in some strange way, that comment made them feel better that day. People are only negative because negativity is eating away at them.”

Lindsay risked the wrath of Zendaya’s fans when she dissed the actress’ Tommy Hilfiger creation, which brought to life the gown that featured in the 1950 animated Disney movie, Cinderella. Claire, 40, wore something similar to the Met Gala in 2016 and her dress lit up in the dark. “Claire Danes did that with @zacposen already,” Lindsay commented on a Disney fan Instagram post, which gushed about Zendaya’s dress. She added, “@clairedanes you wore this dress so beautifully, I don’t know why someone thinks that they can be more chic.”

Zendaya has remained mum on the subject up until now, but her fans leapt to her defense by slamming Lindsay. “@lindsaylohan I don’t know why someone who is so irrelevant thinks that they could talk about someone who is so above them. Ever,” one fan wrote. Another person urged Lindsay to “grow up already,” writing that Zendaya is “younger than you but has a bigger brain and heart than yours.”

It’s not the first time that Zendaya has eloquently responded to criticism of her red carpet style. In 2015 the actress refused to stay silent after E!’s Fashion Police panelist Giuliana Rancic joked that the dreadlocks she wore to the Oscars looked like they smelled “like patchouli oil” or “weed.” Zendaya took to her Instagram account to slam the comment writing, in part, “There is already harsh criticism of African American hair in society without the help of ignorant people who choose to judge others based on the curl of their hair.” Giuliana later apologized, saying that her comment, “did cross the line.”

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