Yungblud Says New Album Will Be Most Personal Yet

English singer, musician and songwriter Yungblud says his upcoming album will be his most personal.

“I’ve been in London, I’ve been making the third record and I’m just so excited about it,” Yungblud said in an interview with Apple Music. “This is, for me, the most personal music I’ve ever written.”

“I think people are going to be a bit shocked about that because all my other music is pretty personal [but] I’ve gone deeper and it’s pretty outrageous, to be honest,” he told Hanuman Welch.

The untitled record, a follow-up to his 2020 album Weird, will be “completely uncensored,” according to Yungblud.

“People can believe what they wanna believe about you,” he said.
“There’s a lot of stuff written about me on the internet in the past two years and I ain’t gonna respond to that, I ain’t gonna give people the satisfaction. But it’s created a beautiful kickback in me.”

“All my life I’ve felt misunderstood, I’ve felt oppressed, I’ve felt attacked for being just simply who I was. [Then] you find a community who accept you and then millions more people know who you are and you feel exactly the same way,” he added.

Speaking about potential collaborations on the album, Yungblud said, “I love what Willow Smith‘s doing right now. I’m obsessed with Girl In Red. There’s a new wave of artists who are talking from their soul and their reality. I ain’t confirming anything but I would certainly love to work with them.”

(Photo: Tom Pallant)

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