Winnipeg Gliding Club celebrates 60 years with open house

The Winnipeg Gliding Club is celebrating 60 years of operation.

The club opened its doors to teach prospective members and the general public about the art of gliding.

“Members of the public can come out and try a single flight, no obligations beyond that,” said the club’s president, Mike Maskell. “They can go for a short flight over the prairies. In some cases with an instructor they’ll actually be able to fly the airplane and we have that as an opportunity as well,”

A member of the Winnipeg Gliding Club prepares to take to the air.

Flights in the club’s brand new two-seater training gliders were also offered throughout the day.

The main focus of the open house was to showcase how the club has evolved since its inception in 1959 and to recruit new members.

“You’re always trying to do something different every day,” said longtime club member Tanis Scott. “It’s always a challenge because you’re trying to see how high you can get up on the glider that day and how many hours you can stay up in the air so it’s always something different depending on the weather conditions any given day.”

The gliding club operates out of the Starbuck Airport, about 20 minutes west of Oakbluff.

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