Wendy Williams Lost 25 Lbs During Quarantine – But Do NOT Try Her Method At Home!

Wendy Williams is looking VERY trim — but how she got to be sounds pretty unhealthy!

The daytime diva kicked off the 12th season of her talk show on Monday, and took the opportunity to show off her dramatically slimmed down look after losing 25 pounds.

Stunning her studio audience (which was kept small due to COVID-19 restrictions) in a neon yellow dress, The Wendy Williams Show host admitted she hasn’t “weighed this little since high school” before revealing that she didn’t slim down on purpose.

She told the crowd:

“I mean, I’ve lost 25 pounds! Look, and I didn’t do it on purpose; it’s just that food became disgusting to me.”

Oh? Do tell, gurl!

Wendy went on to explain that she spent weeks cooking high-calorie meals for herself at home during quarantine — from king crab legs to hot dogs to lobster — and it eventually “became, I’m done with food.”

Basically, the Wendy Williams diet is eating so much that one grows disgusted with food altogether and stops eating. We do not recommend it to anyone — as most people just start enjoying the junk food and eating even more. Such is the nature of salty, fatty foods.

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) to hear how Wendy’s doin’ these days!

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