‘We shouldn’t be quick to judge Coleen Rooney for forgiving Wayne’

Poor Coleen Rooney was pictured without her ­wedding ring again this week after photos emerged of husband Wayne with a mystery brunette on a bender in Vancouver.

Since he shot to fame in 2002, they have been dogged by rumours of his cheating.

But every time Wayne is snapped with another woman, Coleen takes him back.

This time seems no ­different. By Thursday, Coleen’s ring was back on and the Rooneys were ­presenting a united front.

As someone who has gone through two very public divorces, I don’t think we should be too quick to judge her for being so forgiving.

Break-ups are hellish.

But when you’re in the public eye, they’re a million times worse, with every Tom, Dick and Harry speculating about what went wrong.

None of us know what Coleen and Wayne’s relationship is like behind closed doors.

They’ve been together since they were teenagers – muddling through his rise to stardom together – and she probably finds it hard to imagine life without him. They have four boys and Coleen is ­probably keen to keep the family unit ­together.

But if she was my daughter I’d sit her down for a very frank discussion.

My first marriage ended because of ­cheating. Some older women, wed for ­decades, advised me to turn a blind eye to the infidelity.

They reasoned that if a man is a good husband when he’s at home, you shouldn’t bother about what he does when he’s away.

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