Vanessa Feltz says daughters have disowned her over naked bath video

Vanessa Feltz has revealed her two daughters Allegra, 36, and Saskia, 33, are so angry with her provocative naked bath video on Instagram that they’ve “disowned” her.

The TV presenter and This Morning star, 59, has only just signed up to Instagram ahead of the new year, after previously insisting she would never give in to the platform.

On December 28, Vanessa decided to throw caution to the wind, and has already shared a hilarious bath-time clip of herself singing on a “Saturday night soap opera”.

While the star’s 15,400 followers loved the antics, her grown-up children, whom she shares with ex-husband Michael Kurer, were utterly unimpressed, and Vanessa opened up on the reality during a This Morning appearance on Monday, January 10.

Introducing a segment for viewers called ‘Are you being unreasonable?’ presenter Phillip Schofield revealed Vanessa was there to weigh in on her own experiences being “unreasonable” according to her kids.

“She’s only about 8 days ago signed up to Instagram so let me tell you, it’s been extremely hard to prize her away from her phone this morning,” the presenter began by laughing, but co-host Holly Willoughby insisted it was her who couldn’t tear her eyes away from Vanessa’s risqué snaps.

“Well it’s been hard to prize me away from looking at her Instagram,” the mum-of-three declared. “She’s in the bath at one point.”

Giggling away, Holly exclaimed: “It’s incredible!”

Putting her face in her hands at first, seemingly embarrassed, Vanessa quickly regained her composure.

“I swore I would never do it and then if you’re doing it, you might as well do it right?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” Phil agreed, but was surprised when Vanessa revealed the impact her social media antics had had on her two daughters.

“My children aren’t speaking to me they’ve both disowned me,” the star explained, going on to mimic them: “’You’ve cheapened yourself. You’ve cheapened your brand.’”

“What brand?” Vanessa cried. “I’m just a person and I was just showing a bit of cleave [cleavage] that was all.”

“I think they’re being unreasonable,” Holly then offered cheekily.

“Thank you I’m going to tell them you said that,” the relieved guest added with a laugh.

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