Ulrika Jonsson sparks frenzy as she teases OnlyFans account after racy nipple snap

Ulrika Jonsson says she slept with Sylvester Stallone's brother

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Ulrika Johnson, 54, did a Q&A with fans on Instagram last night and was asked if she would consider using OnlyFans. The X-rated subscription service allows users to pay for explicit content that is unable to be shared on sites such as Instagram.

In response, Ulrika typed: “… Seriously considering it [side eye emoji]”

Her good pal Kerry Katona has made a fortune posting saucy content on the site, and Ulrika would likely have no shortage of patrons eager for her content.

Earlier in the week, Ulrika let fans see a bit too much of herself this morning as she struggled to stay asleep.

The former Gladiators host posted a selfie from her bed as she lay on her side looking up at the camera in a black spaghetti-strapped slip.

What she didn’t realise is a bit of her top had come down, exposing her right nipple.

In her next post, the star explained what she was doing up so early in the morning.

“Personally what I love most is when my body clock wakes me up at 3.44 and I can’t go back to sleep,” she wrote.

“Sets me up nicely for the day. #FML.”(sic).

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