Ulrika Jonsson, 54, says shes in her sexual prime as shes let go of inhibitions

Ulrika Jonsson discusses marriage and divorce on Lorraine

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Ulrika Jonsson has told how she’s in her “sexual prime” as she reflects on ageing and feeling sexy. In a new interview, the Celebs Go Dating star, 54, spoke about getting older, adding that she feels sexiest after having shed her “insecurities”.

When it comes to sex, I feel I’m in my prime

Ulrika Jonsson

It comes as the star was celebrating the results of a survey which found that women feel sexiest at the age of 53.

Pointing out that it is the age of Friends star and Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, Ulrika hailed the news as being a “glimmer” of hope.

She penned: “Nearly half of those questioned in the survey said they now feel more confident and more comfortable in their own skin.

“A fifth claimed their dating life is spicier and more exciting.”

The model went on to say that she identifies with the findings before revealing that she feels like she is in her sexual prime.

She also told how she feels sexier with age.

Ulrika explained: “I can identify with all this and have been singing about it for the past few years.

“I’ve definitely let go of many insecurities and inhibitions – and when it comes to sex, I feel I’m in my prime.”

“Age and experience add layers of depth, interest and fascination,” she wrote in her column for The Sun.

Last year, Ulrika admitted telling her four children that she is a “sexual creature” and that she hasn’t ruled out a fourth marriage.

She said: “I’m a hedonist and a spontaneous person who believes in love.

“While it would feel strange getting married again, I can’t ever rule it out for the future.”

Ulrika boasts a colourful personal life, with three ex-husbands.

Speaking to same publication, the star admitted: “I enjoy sex, I want to have sex and I am open to experience that.

However, she stated that the admission comes with a preconception, explaining: “It’s difficult for women my age to say that without being seen in a certain way.”

The model revealed that she’s open and honest about her attitude when talking about the topic with her four children – something that they don’t always enjoy.

“I am a sexual creature,” she confessed, adding: “It’s something that I say regularly to my children — much to their horror.”

Most recently, the star was married to American advertising executive Brian Monet for 11 years, before splitting in 2019. They share son Malcolm together.

Brian also adopted Ulrika’s daughter, Bo, from the presenter’s relationship with German hotel boss Markus Kempen.

The star also has daughter Martha with ex-husband Lance Gerrard-Wright, who she was married to for three years until they decided to part ways in 2006.

Ulrika was also married to John Turnbull for five years before splitting in 1995 and they have son Cameron together.

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