Tupac Shakur’s Relative Calls Donald Trump ‘Disrespectful’ for Leaving Ticket at VP Debate

Trump’s senior campaign adviser Jason Miller tells reporters during a conference call before the Salt Lake City debate that they had left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, Kamala Harris’ ‘favorite rapper alive.’

AceShowbiz -Stepbrother of late rapper Tupac Shakur blasted President Donald Trump for allegedly disrespecting the musician. Mopreme Shakur told TMZ that Trump’s campaign left a ticket for Tupac Shakur at the Vice Presidential debate after Kamala Harris’ viral mistake at a new interview.

According to The Hill and the New York Post, Trump’s senior campaign adviser Jason Miller told reporters before the Salt Lake City debate that they had “left a ticket for Tupac Shakur.” He shared to journalists during a conference call, “I can confirm that we have left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, who as we know is Sen. Harris’ favorite rapper alive.” He added, “I don’t know if he shows up.”

“I’m personally more of a Biggie fan if he’s still alive, but we will have a ticket waiting for Mr. Shakur,” Miller continued, referring to The Notorious B.I.G. who was shot to death on March 9, 1997.

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The move didn’t sit well with Mopreme, who called the action “clearly disrespectful” towards ‘Pac and their family. “We should know Trump’s lack of respect for the Black and brown community,” he went on saying.

He also said that he’s fully aware that Trump won’t apologize for it. He claimed that Trump could make it up to him and his family can by releasing his father Matulu, Tupac’s stepfather, from prison. Matulu was sentenced to 60 years in 1988 for RICO conspiracy, armed bank robbery and bank robbery killings.

Trump’s campaign’s move came as their way of taking a jab at Harris following her flub during an interview with Angela Rye at the NAACP virtual convention last month. When asked, “Best rapper alive?” Harris responded, “Tupac,” prompting Rye to say, “He’s not alive! You say he lives on.”

“I know, I keep doing that…,” Harris said, “Who would I say? I mean, there’s so many. I mean, you know — there are some I would not mention right now bc they should stay in their lane.”

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