Tristan Thompson Ejected From NBA Game for Slapping Opponent’s Behind

Tristan Thompson was thrown out of Friday night’s NBA game after slapping the behind of one of his opponents.

The 28-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers player was playing against the Memphis Grizzlies when he slapped the behind of Grizzlies’ Jae Crowder. Tristan and Jae used to both play for the Cavaliers before Jae was traded away in 2018.

Referees considered Tristan‘s action a “physical taunt” and ejected him.

“It’s a former teammate of mine, Jae Crowder. We have history,” Tristan told reporters (via CNN) after the game. “It’s just a little competitive spirit. They might have took it the wrong way, probably because they might have forgot that we were teammates for half a year.”

In video from the aftermath, Jae looked upset at Tristan‘s actions.

Recently, this celeb was accused of booing Tristan at an NBA game while sitting court side.

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