TOWIE’s James Lock changes tribute tattoo for ex Yazmin Oukhellou to honour best pal Pete Wicks – before she declares she’s in love with HERSELF

As a sign that his relationship with Yazmin Oukhellou is over for good, James Lock had the tattoo he has for her on his wrist changed to be one for his best pal, Pete Wicks on the latest episode of TOWIE.

Lockie, 32, had the 'Y' on his wrist changed to a 'P' to honour BFF Pete.

Visiting the tattoo parlour with Pete and TOWIE newbie Jayden Beales, Lockie admitted the inking served as a constant reminder of his relationship with Yaz, as he had it removed.

He said of Yaz learning about him changing the tatt: “I can imagine her being quite hurt because it was a sentimental thing but she has to understand where I’m coming from. We need to cut all ties. "

Yaz, 26, later confronted Lockie about removing his tattoo, during the cast’s cricket match.

She asked her ex: “How do you think that's made me feel?”, with him responding: "We can't ever reconcile, we'll never work out."

Yaz then said: “You listen, let's block each other, you don't need to be muggy James, you don't need to be disrespectful."

She then defiantly told her ex that she is in love with herself following their split.

She said: “I love someone else anyway… they’re intelligent, beautiful, got a good business, and that person’s me. Have a great day."

And fans praised her for her self-love, as one person said: “When Yaz was saying I’m in love with someone else, there smart…. I was thinking no don’t go there then when she said that person is me. I thought that’s how it’s bloody done. You go girl! #towie.”

Another wrote: “Yes yaz having self respect walking away from lockie #Towie.”

A third wrote: “YES YAZ!!!! ‘ I love someone else …… and that persons me’ #TOWIE.”

A fourth viewer admitted they grew emotional after watching the scene, writing: "Why did Yaz just make me cry!!! Girl power #towie."

Yaz and Lockie split earlier this year following a three year relationship after they had an argument while on holiday in Turkey.

Speaking about their break up on a recent episode of TOWIE, Yazmin explained: “I’m single now. We went away on holiday, a holiday that I treated him to, and cut a long story short at four in the morning he wasn’t next to me in bed and he was in a room with two random guys he met round the pool and three girls.

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“As I come round the room, three women did come out, one had her hair piece hanging out and one of them was still pulling her draws up.”

She added: “I know my worth and I’m not settling to be treated like that because I know I will find someone that will treat me how I deserved to be treated. That night, I will never forgive him for, ever,” she added while tearing up.

However, in another scene, James denied cheating on Yazmin and explained his side of the story.

He said: “Don’t get me wrong I was bang to rights in a sense that I was in a wrong place at the wrong time.

“We went away and what’s happened is I’ve just gone out and I’ve tried to rebel. Then she’s accused me of this, accused me of that.”

While Lockie maintains that he didn’t cheat, Yaz told The Sun Online: “We had an argument and then James went out with some random guys and left me alone in the hotel room.

“I then got a message on Instagram from a girl who said James had gone to a room with a group of girls and guys nine doors down.

“At first he said he wasn't in that room and he was in a different room. But then he admitted he was but said he had passed out.

“He said he didn't do anything but I doubt they were playing Monopoly.”

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