This Actress Wants To Play Zendayas Mom In a Future Project

There’s an Oscar-winning actress who really wants to work with Zendaya!

During a new interview on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast, Halle Berry opened up about her desire to work with the Emmy-winning Euphoria star.

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“You know who I really want to work with? Zendaya,” Halle dished. “I have an idea. I have a plan. I have the plan… I’m not pitching it [publicly, yet].”

“I would love to like play her mother. I have an idea. Like I really, I think she is the next… She’s the future, and I really want to work with her,” she added.

Zendaya is actually gearing up for the highly-anticipated season two premiere of her show Euphoria, for which she won her Emmy for, for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

The show returns THIS Sunday (January 9) on HBO Max. Watch the trailer right here!

If you missed them, check out photos of Zendaya and many of her co-stars at the season premiere event.

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