These Actors Were Cut from ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ After Filming Their Roles

Godzilla vs. Kong features an incredible cast of beloved actors and rising stars, but there were actually some exciting stars who were completely cut out of the movie.

Several actors who filmed their roles for the movie were left on the cutting room floor after plot changes were made in the editing room.

This is a common thing that happens in Hollywood and definitely is disappointing for the actors whose work will never be seen. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a director’s cut as filmmaker Adam Wingard says he’ll never make one.

“This is the ultimate version of the film,” Wingard told GamesRader. “We actually did the least amount of reshoots than any of those MonsterVerse films. Normally, they do about two weeks, but we only did five days. We did have to be quite surgical, as we did change one element of the plot and it affected a couple of scenes at the beginning and a couple of scenes at the end. That’s where my low-budget, no-budget background comes in. You have to be very crafty and able to think in those terms. We were very surgical in those terms. So, no, this is the ultimate version of the film, I would never do a different version of it.”

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