The Trump administration screwed up the order for millions of Pfizer vaccines

You know how Donald Trump’s diaper was in a twist because Pfizer and Moderna announced their vaccines after the election? Trump wanted to take credit for all of the incredible work done by scientists and doctors, and the MAGAts want to call it “the Trump vaccine.” Well, funny story – the Trump administration completely f–ked over the American people by refusing Pfizer’s offer to lock in supplies for the American public. Now Americans might be some of the last people to get Pfizer’s vaccine.

Before Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was proved highly successful in clinical trials last month, the company offered the Trump administration the chance to lock in supplies beyond the 100 million doses the pharmaceutical maker agreed to sell the government as part of a $1.95 billion deal months ago. But the administration, according to people familiar with the talks, never made the deal, a choice that now raises questions about whether the United States allowed other countries to take its place in line.

As the administration scrambles to try to purchase more doses of the vaccine, President Trump plans on Tuesday to issue an executive order that proclaims that other nations will not get the U.S. supplies of its vaccine until Americans have been inoculated. But the order appears to have no real teeth and does not expand the U.S. supply of doses, according to a description of the order on Monday by senior administration officials.

The vaccine being produced by Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, is a two-dose treatment, meaning that 100 million doses is enough to vaccinate only 50 million Americans. The vaccine is expected to receive authorization for emergency use in the U.S. as soon as this weekend, with another vaccine, developed by Moderna, also likely to be approved for emergency use soon.

[From The NY Times]

Great Britain began vaccinations using the Pfizer vaccine today, and they’re starting with the elderly (which is how it should be done). The Trump administration’s argument is now that the American people are spoiled for choice, and that even if they f–ked up the order with Pfizer, the Moderna vaccine or perhaps other vaccines will be available soon enough. But yeah… Trump wanted to take credit for the Pfizer vaccine, which America did not fund, and which the Trump administration didn’t order when they had the chance.

In any case… I just keep thinking about the messy vaccination structure Joe Biden will inherit. Speaking of, the Trump White House is hosting a Vaccine Summit today where they will aim to boost confidence in the upcoming vaccines. And the Trumpers didn’t invite anyone from the Biden transition.

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