The ‘This Is Us’ Season 5, Episode 12 Promo Is All About Tess & Beth

This Is Us took a break from the current present-day storylines in Season 5, Episode 11, to backfill Uncle Nicky’s story. But as much as the show’s past continues to prove itself an undiscovered country, the present has several plots in the air to leave for very long. The focus has been chiefly on parents — either new parents like Kevin and Kate or old parents like Beth’s Mama C and Randall’s deceased bio-mom. But the This Is Us Season 5, Episode 12 promo promises teen-life has not been forgotten, as Tess gets the spotlight.

Season 5 hasn’t spent a considerable amount of time with its teen cast recently, either in the past or present. But around the margins, things have been developing for the next generation. Tess’s story has been the most intricate, starting with her coming out to her parents. Season 5 has continued with this story, including her rebelling on social media with her LGBTQ+ group of friends at school. And recently, in "I’ve Got This," revealing she’s started dating Alex, who had been up until now her non-binary BFF.

It’s a lot of adjustments for everyone, especially Beth, who desperately wants to be a good mother to Tess, but also is having trouble wrapping her head around things like "they pronouns." As the trailer for this week’s episode shows, things will come to a head between them.

This Is Us Season 5, Episode 12, is entitled "Both Things Can Be True." But the synopsis hints there’s more than just Beth and Tess’s storyline next week.

Randall finding a "new kind of support network" in the face of his mother-in-law’s residency is to be expected. "Jack and Miguel bonding" feels like a sign that the past will pick up not long after Jack’s dinner with the bosses. As for Kevin and Madison’s challenges, this past week’s episode suggests Nicky’s return trip to the east coast is probably not happening anytime soon. Uncle Nicky makes five in their house (six, if you count the live-in nanny), which would be challenging to any relationship.

But there may be a third and final official proposal of marriage, too, one that includes a ring this time. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us story editor Laura Kenar promises this coming week includes a ring, and "there might be some butter involved."

It sounds like a sticky situation, but hopefully, it will also be sweet. After all, both things can be true.

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