The Real Housewives of Atlanta Bracing for Major Casting Shakeup [Report]

Despite a lot of drama in the cast’s lives, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is due for a casting shakeup.

Some stars will go. Some will remain with the series. One fan-favorite may make a comeback.

Often, Bravo has a specific plan in mind for how they want the next season to shape up.

This time, it almost sounds like the network is playing it by ear.

Inside sources opened up to about the changes coming to RHOA before Season 14.

According to insiders, production “has no idea who they want to round out the cast and why.”

In other words, it’s not just that they don’t know the names, they don’t know what they want them to bring to the table.

Porsha Williams is reportedly “seriously considering” bowing out next season.

However, she is filming an eight-episode spinoff about her bizarre whirlwind romance with Simon Guobadia and life with her and her family.

Filming a spinoff could be enough for her … or it could be a sign that she is sticking with the franchise.

For many obvious reasons, Bravo absolutely wants Porsha back.

However, she’s no stranger to how this show works, and knows that fans, bloggers, and castmates will delve into her new man.

Simon is her fiance, and she doesn’t want her career to destroy her relationship.

After Porsha has watched so many relationships fall apart on the show, she knows how it goes.

And there have already been a lot of reports about Simon with the influx of attention and scrutiny.

With that in mind, insiders suspect that Porsha might sit out for a season or so and stick to her spinoff and Bravo’s Chat Room.

Sheree Whitfield could be returning to the series, it is reported.

If so, she would be doing so with the salary of a “starter Housewife.”

Meanwhile, Hampton may join the new season as a full Housewife, but it would be at a similar pay rate.

However, Marlo’s reported offer could be contingent upon what’s up with Cynthia Bailey.

If Cynthia does not return, that could free up her “hefty” salary to be divided among others.

Since her storyline seems to have wound to a close, it seems likely.

Last season saw new additions, Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali.

As is sometimes the case with new Housewives, they are not expected to return.

At least, not to the main series.

Spinoffs can be opportunities for multiple people, not just for the titular stars.

Drew, for example, has been filming with Porsha for Porsha’s spinoff.

That’s not the same as being a Housewife or Friend thereof, but it’s not nothing.

The possibility of new faces doesn’t mean that it will be a fresh new season.

It is reported that Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss are absolutely, definitely returning.

If Porsha, Sheree, and Marlo do return, then that would mean that we already know five cast members … maybe.

Since production is reportedly looking for seven cast members, that leaves two slots to be filled.

If you’re thinking that they’ll ask NeNe Leakes to step in, reports say that this is absolutely not the case.

We should note that Cynthia has stated that she has not been fired, so it’s possible that she could return … even if she is not expected to at the moment.

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