The hair oil salons use, a toothpaste squeezer and a car registration wallet

Updates from Hecate: My Halloween crystal earrings arrived. They are slightly different from the photo in that the “blood” drops are glued to the crystal. In the photo it looked like they were embedded to me. However, I still love them. They are just the right amount of creepy and elegant, so I feel very much the fashionable ghoul. I purchased the Migraine Stick CB recommended a while back just to see if it helped at all and it really does! It’s not going to eliminate a migraine but it gave me a lot more comfort, even in the full throes of an attack, than I expected. For $11 I highly recommend anyone struggling with headaches get one for their desk and their bedside table. Lastly, I’ve been using the Legend Planner we discussed for a while now and I’ve found it a really nice way to organize all the things I want to do. There is plenty of space for my daily to-dos and I love all the areas for other notes I make throughout the week. Plus, I find myself going back to see what goals I’d set and hadn’t worked towards. I’ve been noting all the times I meditate and found I was nowhere near where I wanted to be so I’ve made that change for the better. If you’re looking for a complete planner (mind, spirit and day-to-day), I suggest looking at this one.

Colorful Halloween dog collars so your dog can get in on the festivities

From Hecate: Don’t forget Fido this Halloween! As I’ve mentioned, my dogs like to chew through their dog collars if they can. I just got this collar for my boy dog and From Hecate: so far, it’s hanging tough. I also love the neon green on him (he’s so handsome!) But what I really love is the $10 price tag so even if he does eat it, I won’t be as angry. This one comes in three playful designs – spiders, black cats or ghosts – and four sizes to fit every dog. It’s thick and well-constructed, with one reviewer saying, “Very sturdy! Best collar I have purchased for the money!” It earned 4.7 stars on Amazon. Of course, it only has 8 ratings, but ReviewMeta said they are all legit, so there’s that. As a purchaser, I’d give it five stars too.

Hair oil to help repair quarantine hair

From Hecate: So big news – I got my hair cut. The last haircut I’d gotten was last February, when my new stylist gave me possibly the best haircut of my entire life. Then quarantine hit and I didn’t do anything other than clean up my own fringe around my face. With my four additional inches and Banana clips making a comeback, I decided to keep the length for a while. My stylist agreed, but recommended some oils to keep my hair healthy. One she suggested was the Moroccanoil Treatment that every salon in LA uses. I’ve used Moroccanoil for years and I love how they make my hair feel and look. You can try a .85 fluid ounces bottle for just $15. (It also comes in a gift pack with a bar of Moroccanoil soap if you have any gifts you need to purchase.) As I said, most LA salons recommend Moroccanoil products but it also earned 18,000 reviews and 4.5 stars on ReviewMeta. Customers love it’s quality, “The smell is gorgeous and lasts until your next hair wash,” and the salon results they can get at home, “I did not ever think my hair could look like this!”

A heating pad for aches and pains this winter

From Hecate: Since I am literally sitting with a heating pad on my back right now, I thought – what better time to suggest one. Now that I am in my 50s, apparently everything I do or say is going to cause me physical pain. I was helping the kids put up some Halloween decor yesterday and today I’m walking like an old lady. I’ve had my Sunbeam heating pad for years and it still works great. With almost 2,000 reviews, this earned 4.2 stars from both Amazon and Reviewmeta. Customers love the comfort of the pad, how fast it heats up and the fact that you can use it wet or dry, “To start off, it’s very soft. You don’t feel wires poking at you. It’s just a nice little square of comfort,” while others said it’s the best they ever had – even second-hand, “I will never buy another heating pad. I got one of these a couple years ago at a thrift store, and I loved it..” Also, this model has a self-shut off after 60 minutes so you don’t have to worry if you fall asleep on it.

A toothpaste squeezer and holder to make it look like you’ve got your sh-t together

From CB: My son is only 16 and somehow he squeezes his toothpaste perfectly and keeps it so neat. Mine is always diagonally squeezed and messy looking. This is a pack of two toothpaste squeezers that double as stands for just $7. There’s a key part that you twist to get the toothpaste out. They have 905 ratings, 4.5 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People like them better than the slidey kind because the tube sits upright in the base. They write that “they work nice, look cleaner and classy even,” “I didn’t expect much based on how cheap these were. But they are much sturdier than I thought they would be and are easy to use” and “They keep even a full tube upright so the bathroom counter looks tidier. The key twists the empty section of the tube easily so every bit of the toothpaste is used with no fuss.”

A vitamin C serum for softer, clearer skin

From CB: I like to feature serums because they’ve made the biggest difference in my skin and there are so many good ones! Add a serum to your skincare routine if you haven’t yet. I have about three I rotate. This vitamin C serum by trusted brand LilyAna Naturals has natural ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin e and dandelion extract. It has over 7,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People share dramatic before and after photos showing how it cleared acne and reduced redness. They write “My skin looks much brighter and I have an awesome glow,” “I’ve noticed a difference in my skin in just 2 weeks,” and “I have oily, acne prone skin and it has helped my complexion so much.”

A natural moisturizer with 2.5% retinol to erase fine lines

From CB: Retinol is another ingredient you should be adding. This 2.5% retinol cream by EvaNaturals has jojoba, vitamin E and shea butter. It’s just $14.95 for 1.7 ounces. It has 883 ratings, 4.4 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. It’s said to be very moisturizing but not oily at all. Women like the pump feature and say they saw a difference in their fine lines after just a few weeks. “It has reduced the appearance of the fine lines on my forehead and what I think are called laugh lines from my nose to my mouth,” it “leaves my skin the softest it has felt in about ten years” and “leaves my skin soft & glowing!”

A car registration and insurance wallet for your glove compartment

From CB: I keep so much crap in my glove compartment including tums, candy, hair ties and snacks. I have a whole deep console in the middle but that’s for emergency makeup. The most important items in my glove compartment, my car registration and insurance card, are just in a flimsy envelope. You can get two 5 by 4.5 inch registration and insurance card envelopes for $7. It also comes with an EZ pass mounting kit. I looked through so many of these before finding this one by Canoplus. It has 687 ratings and a 4.5 on ReviewMeta. People write “This product was just what I needed to keep my registration card and insurance cards separate from all the other documents in my glove box,” it’s “perfect for car registration and insurance cards” and “These little wallets work great to keep your registration, insurance card, and other small papers together in case you need them.”

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