Teyana Taylor Pregnant With Another Iman Shumpert Baby?

The ‘3 Way’ singer sparks pregnancy rumors after her 4-year-old daughter Junie said she wanted to ‘give the baby a kiss’ during an Instagram Live broadcast.

AceShowbiz -Is Teyana Taylor having a bun in the oven? The 29-year-old singer/songwriter appeared to be exposed by her own daughter Junie. The 4-year-old girl seemed to let slip news of her mom’s pregnancy during an Instagram Live broadcast.

The mother-daughter duo were goofing off on camera when, at one point, little Junie seemingly gave Teyana’s belly a kiss off camera. “Be careful. Be gentle,” Teyana told her overexcited kid before trying to shush the girl when she said she wanted to “give the baby a kiss.”

If Teyana is really pregnant, the baby will be her second child. She gave birth to Junie in late 2015. Then-boyfriend Iman Shumpert delivered the baby with his bare hands when she went into early labor at home in their bathroom.

The relationship between Teyana and Iman has endured a number of ups and downs over the years. In September 2016, he was exposed of attempting to hook up with an old flame while Teyana was pregnant with their daughter. It, however, didn’t stop them from getting married.

In an Instagram post, Iman admitted he was young and dumb but he insisted he’s a changed man. He explained why breaking up was not an option. “Junie’s gonna grow up with both parents and siblings,” he said. “The bitterness will get you no where. Just spread love.”

Teyana later hinted at her open marriage in her song “3 Way” where she talked about having a threesome. She defended herself when receiving a lot of criticisms, “Just because I, ME I repeat ME enjoy bussing b***hes down from time to time w/ MY HUSBAND, doesn’t mean I don’t respect ‘self.’ So, u should go and enjoy your wack ass sex life & stay out of mine.”

The drama continued when the porn star who was allegedly invited for the couple’s threesome gave birth to a baby girl later on. Iman was rumored to be the father.

“I’ve never seen/touched that girl in my life,” Teyana tweeted as she shot down the rumors. “Iman is not dumb he know I’d kill him End of story.”

The porn star also denied the rumors, “Whoever has spread these rumours just know IT’S FAKE NEWS AND IT AIN’T HIS BABY.” She added, “I had my baby with the man I was dating and that man ain’t Iman.”

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